Vision Statement:
Mud and Pearls is a hub of inspiration and dynamic change within the DIY and Natural Building movement.
We teach in order to break through personal and cultural barriers, we connect resources and tools to make it easy, and we tell thestories of building and change to inspire us all.

Mission Statement:
Mud and Pearls inspires and motivates people of all ages to create beautiful, sustainable, and hand made projects.
We create an atmosphere of fun, curiosity, supportiveness where the best decision for the environment, the individual, and the community is reached.
We will tell the stories of others, creating a strong network of knowledge, tools and shared visions, cultivating community.

Business Description

As a hub of inspiration, Mud and Pearls weaves a broad web. We provide education for those who are curious about natural building and new tools, and would like help before they launch into a  project.

*Education We provide education for those who are curious about natural building and new tools, but would like more education before they launch into a  project.
Workshops: Hands- on classes on woodworking, black smithing, chain sawing, tree pruning, sewing, cob building, straw bale building, masonry, furniture restoration, change your own oil & work on car, etc.
Events: Demonstrations and collaborations at regional fairs and events
Speaking Engagements/Demonstrations: TED talks, corporate getaways, inspirational or sustainable talks at conferences

Mud and Pearls product line will make the life of the DIYer easier and customers will look good!
-Tool apron for women
-Tank and tees for women
-Hand made tools by women for women

Mud and Pearls aims to tell the stories of those active in the DIY movement, and to share knowledge on how to build sustainably.

-Blog on sustainable and DIY skills
-Magazine articles about workshops & concepts
-Book on women who build own homes
-Book on Northern California regional architecture
-Television/online videos: a series produced highlighting the natural building boom in Northern California with an emphasis on women who build their own home and practical skills.

*Product Sponsorships and Sales
-Sales through website of affiliate businesses
-Product endorsement and advertising on site
-Collaborative marketing

Samantha is the ringleader, and her cohorts provide all sorts of specialized information.
To talk to Samantha, call her at (530) 362 8082, email her at, or if you really want to win her heart mail her at 17451 Sumi Road, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Send us a line! I love your questions and comments.


Chainsaw Tea Party!

The results of the summer 2011 cob wall workshop.

Getting plastered is always fun!